Portfolio Building

We specialise in assisting our client base and new clients in building wealth through their acquiring ownership and tax effective structure of/with income producing assets such as residential property.

We also assist with finance for people who speculate on the stock exchange or invest in managed funds. In all situations, we strongly encourage you to be guided by your Accountant, Tax Agent and Financial Planner.

There are many and varied reason why people seek portfolio wealth building.


  • To be a speculator;

  • To create a retirement base; or

  • To build passive income to supplement their current income stream.

The loan product must suit your strategy of how you intend to build you wealth. The use of our business ensures you obtain the loan product that best suits your strategy.

We do have access to property management groups whose function is to source the property for you. They only deal in new properties in sustainable, progressive and growing areas. They have arrangements with several builders.

We only deal with them as they are accredited, do not charge you a commission or referral fee and the price of the new constructed house is no different then if you went directly to the builder.

Further, the market value of the property will stand an assessment by the lender’s registered valuer.

Glenn N Gough, DipFMBM, MFAA (CA), MIPA, C.dec, is a credit representative 390993 of BLSSA Pty Ltd, ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Licence 391237)

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