First Home Owners' Grant

This label is highly important to classify stamp duty discounts and/or exemptions and grants available from the State Government.

Some lenders provide additional incentives to first home buyers so it is important to use a credit advisor.

Who is entering into the Real Estate Institute contract as the new vendor is important.

If you are being joined by one or more persons, it is important that all of you can qualify for the FHOG otherwise you may find that you do not qualify. even in a joint purchase.

Also from time to time the State Government will introduce an additional top-up of grant funds.

It is extremely important to demonstrate that you are wise with your disposable income. Having a number of credit and store cards, as well as many personal loans does not convey a picture of being financially aware or of soundness.

Tidy these up before talking to anyone about a loan for a new home.

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