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Gough Group Financial Services are Credit Advisors based in North Queensland who arrange loans with the majority of Australian lenders, to assist Australian residents purchase homes and/or units, or for renovations/improvements.


We can also assist to organise finance for the purchase of a business, or a commercial property or finance to allow a business to expand.

We also look after requests from Self Managed Superannuation Funds to finance them into property as a Trust asset.


Have you ever invited the person who handled your last loan or your loan portfolio to your child’s christening, what about your business Christmas party, or your graduation, your new house warming party, or into your home to meet your circle of friends at a social gathering?

Such is our business relationship and the way we handle the affairs of our clients that we become close friends.

First Home Owners
Portfolio Building
Superannuation Funds
What you can expect with us.
  • You will find your options and solutions are discussed in greater detail;

  • There is an inbuilt ability to compare numerous lenders simultaneously; 

  • Share with you what the lender will not disclose; 

  • Go through with you the roles of the Real Estate Agent, your Solicitor or Conveyancer, and your property inspection agent;

  • We do observe prudent lending precautions to safeguard your current and future borrowing capacity; 

  • Ensure your proposal is followed-up at every stage and provide feed-back to the relevant stakeholders;

  • Interest rates, charges and fees do not vary between us and the panel lenders’ loan products when we become involved; 

  • The lender and their mortgage insurers are concern with the risks associated with your borrowing proposal. You will discover what is meant by “credit scoring” and why it is adopted for decisioning; 

  • Further we are not directed by the panel lender to which loan products we should offer you. We are not governed by the product of the month. We do have access to any promotion from the panel lender on any pricing discounts; and, 

  • Form a business relationship for life.  

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, via our social media channels or the Contact Us page

Please note:

We will not be providing publicly available affordability self-test calculators or positive or negative geared property calculating models on this site as they may provide you with an artificial or false result.

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